The Journey Here

Hi everyone!

My name is Mónica, and I live in Stavanger with my husband and our two three children. I come from Spain but have been living in the Nordic countries for over a decade now. First, Denmark, then Iceland, and now Norway.

I studied Telecommunication Engineering in my home country, but it was never my passion. I have worked in IT, as a tour guide, travel agent and even as a Spanish teacher, and although I enjoyed it, there was always something missing.

I have been interested in creative activities since I can remember, and now I know I should have studied something related to that. Well, I have known for a while, but for one reason or another, it was never the “right moment”. So I decided to stop making excuses and go for it, and here I am, back at school 10 years later and excited to learn as much as possible.

In my free time, I like to knit, to read and to make different crafts with my kids. I recently discovered doodling, lettering and watercolors, and I am having fun with it, even if I am a beginner. As I once read, “one learns to dance by dancing”. Let’s dance!


Part of this assignment was to include a non-photograph self-portrait. I decided to make a drawing. There is a woman in the center representing me and several other doodles around indicating things I like and enjoy, or that define me in some way.