Week 2 – Idea development

Idea Development – LA – Q3

Week 2 Question 3 – Practical assignment (problem solving) Teaspoon You are given a teaspoon as an object. Now apply each one of the SCAMPER techniques to it and give a brief explanation of what new product comes of this and how it can be marketed. S – SubstituteThe first thing I thought of was…

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Idea development – LA – Q2

Week 2 Question 2 – Research and written assignment Use the Internet to research the history of the fast food chain McDonald’s and explain which parts of the SCAMPER model are evident in its development onto its current success. Alex Osborn, a pioneer teacher of creativity, first identified the nine principle ways of manipulating a…

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Idea development – LA – Q1

Week 2 Question 1 – Practical assignment During week 2 of GRA1, we are working with idea development. The Learning Activity this week has 3 parts. In this post, I cover the first part: creatively solve 4 given riddles. 1- A man is replacing a wheel on his car, when he accidentally drops the four…

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