Create a Wireframe

Week 20

This Learning Activity is about creating a website wireframe. For that, I first have to answer the 10 essential questions from my previous post.

The client I chose is Little Explorers, the same I worked with on my Semester Project.


What kind of visitors are you expecting on your website?
Parents with children under the age of 12 that want to buy handmade, ethical- and sustainably produced clothes that allow their kids for free movement and autonomy.

Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them?

There are a few online stores that sell similar clothing, using organic cotton. Even though most of these stores offer sustainable designs that can be considered comfortable in most cases, it is not one of their central claims. Little Explorers differentiate themselves by focusing on children’s clothes only, with a broader size range and putting stress on the functionality and durability of their garments.

What actions do you want visitors to take on the site?
I want them to make a purchase.

What is your deadline for completing the site? How big is the budget?
The business is not established yet, so the deadline could be something like two months. It is a very small business and so is the budget.

Please list the names of three sites that you like and explain what you like about them.
1. Lucía Be
2. Little Adventurers
3. Små Spor
What I like about all of them is their use of image, the structure and organisation of the web and how easy it is to find the information you are looking for. They use the right amount of information and focus on showing what they are selling with high-quality images.

Do you have any colour preferences? What should the look and feel for the website be?
The colours should be a light grey for the background, with copy in dark grey and headers and accents in green and turquoise. Same shades as in the products previously designed.

What is the main goal behind building the website?
The main goal is to sell the products that my client makes.

Do you have a style guide or any existing images?
The brand has a style guide, logo, clothing tags, packaging design, business card and brochure. You can see them here.

What is the most important information your site must relay to the user, especially on the home page?
A description of the brand values and photos of the products they sell.

Do you have the content for the website or will content creation be a part of the scope of work?
The client will create the content.

Little Explorers is located in Spain, and so their website should be in Spanish. For the sake of this learning activity, I will use English.

I have chosen a lo-tech architecture because Little Explorers is a small, new business with low budget. Besides, drawing the wireframe by hand allows me more creativity and it’s easier to adjust and update.

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