Put Thought Into Your Design

Week 22

For this learning activity I had to design a 5-page website or blog to promote my hometown (or any other place of my choosing). I should present my design along with a strategy that explains the decisions I’ve made during the design process.

I decided to make the website to promote the town of León, located in the northwest of Spain.
Strategic design helps you combine beautiful design with functionality to create a website that meets the client’s and the end user’s goals. In the following lines, I explain the strategy I followed when designing this web.

Establish goals
The goal of this website is to promote the city of León to attract both foreign and domestic visitors.

Define the audience
The audience is adults who want a getaway to a historical town, different from the obvious -and well-known- Spanish beach destination.

Determine the brand’s image
A town full of history, culture and tradition, located on the French Way of the Camino de Santiago where the visitor can also enjoy its fantastic food and (free!) tapas.

Solve the problem
The web provides practical information to the traveller, divided into 5 pages with links to further details about places, activities, accommodation and more.

Measure the results
It is not possible to measure the results at this point, as this is a mockup website. If it were to be uploaded, I could use a tool such as Google Analytics to do so.

Look for little improvements
Again, once the web is uploaded, I could study the results from a monitoring system and make the adjustments needed to improve it.


Photo by Websi in Pixabay
Photo by Rastrojo
Photo by Rubén Ojeda
Photo by FirkinCat
Photo by Alceda
Photo by Luidger
Photo by Rubén Ojeda
Photo by Juan José Berhó in Pixabay 
Photo from wondervoyage.com
Photo by Arturo Castro
Photo by Anolisu
Photo by Maymonides in Flickr
Train icon icon by Icons8
Car icon icon by Icons8
Bus icon icon by Icons8
Airport icon icon by Icons8
Photo from Pexels
Photo from parador.es
Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

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