Create a logo using Gestalt Principles

Weeks 4-5

The goal for this Learning Activity was to recreate the Unilever logo using one of the Gestalt principles.

The original logo is a combination of a symbol and a wordmark with the name of the brand. It has the shape of the letter U -which stands for Unilever- made up of different icons. Even though there are many shapes, the design looks neat and straightforward.

The Gestalt principle used in this design is proximity: several objects or elements that are close in proximity to each other (icons) are seen as a group (the letter U).

I started the process by researching the company and the meaning behind their logo. Unilever makes some of the best-known brands in the world that produce cleaning products, food and refreshments, and products for personal care and beauty. Each of the 25 icons shaping the big U represents an aspect of the business; all of them have a meaning. I looked closely at the little symbols and realised that many are related to nature, science and health.

After that, I began sketching everything that came to mind, using different Gestalt principles. Here are my first ideas:

My three favourite versions are the following, using the principles of closure, continuation and figure/ground:




Finally, I picked the one where I applied figure/ground to create it in a vector format. The reason why I chose this one is that, in my opinion, is the cleanest design. Besides, it represents a drop of water, which is in agreement with the nature theme I noticed in some of the icons from the original logo. Thanks to the figure/ground principle, the eye either sees the droplet or the shape of the letter U.


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