Expressing meaning – Typography

Week 6

In this Learning Activity, I had to create three A4 compositions showcasing three chosen words. The requirement was to use only one typeface per composition and only black and white. I experimented with the size, letter spacing, spacing, placement, etc.

The first word is one I created and has no dictionary definition but has a meaning for me. The term is musicappy: feeling of happiness when one listens to music. The other two words I picked from a given list and are falling and inspect.

I first sketched several ideas for each of these words:

When I was happy with these ideas, I created the following compositions using a combination of InDesign and Illustrator.

For musicappy I chose the sans-serif facetype Peaches For Breakfast that I downloaded from I think the letters are thin enough and have a casual and “happy” feeling, which goes well with the meaning of the word. The text is curved and sits over the drawing of a smile. Lastly, I added a couple of small black ellipses at the end of the letter M, as if they were notes.

With falling I went for a bold type and chose Impact Regular. I used only uppercase letters to make the word very solid and thick. Then I cut pieces of the letters and placed them under the word as if they were falling out.

The font used for inspect is Adobe Garamond Pro Regular, both on the background text and the magnifying glass. The idea was to use an old-style serif face like it would be used in a book.

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